Selling Your Home in Scotland: A Step-by-Step Guide in 2022


Selling Your Home in Scotland: A Step-by-Step Guide in 2022


Looking to sell your house or flat in Scotland but don’t know where to start? The property selling process can be overwhelming, but with a little guidance and an expert estate agent or solicitor by your side, you’ll have your home on the market and accepting offers in no time at all.


With the average Scottish house price hitting £181,415 (an increase of 8.0% compared to 2021), it’s never been a better time to put your property on the market. So, read on for our step-by-guide to selling your house or flat today.


1. Have Your Property Valued


The first step on your selling journey begins with a Home Valuation. 


A Home Valuation estimates how much your house or flat is likely to sell for based on the current property market and takes into consideration your home’s condition, location, layout and any unique features or additions (such as a conservatory, garage or solar panels). 


At Beveridge, Philp & Ross, we offer free pre-sale Home Valuations guaranteed to give you a clear estimate of your home’s worth before your property goes on the market. Book your free Valuation today.


2. Find a Home Selling Agent or Solicitor

Once your home has been valued, and you want to move to the next stage, finding the right selling agent or solicitor is essential to guide you through the rest of the process with ease.


Beveridge, Philp & Ross is an Edinburgh-based estate agent and solicitor with over 50 years of experience buying and selling homes throughout Scotland. Our expert team specialises in all property areas, providing invaluable, straightforward and friendly advice to clients during the most significant decision they’re likely to make. 


We can support you through the entire selling process from start to finish, meaning you won’t have to source a separate estate agent — and if you’ve found your next dream home, we can help you buy that, too. 


3. Prepare Your Home for Sale


Now is the time to make sure your home is in great condition before potential buyers view it — make any outstanding repairs, give your walls a lick of paint, tidy up your garden and declutter to let your home’s best assets shine through.


At Beveridge, Philp & Ross, we can help you present your property in its best light and ensure a quick and effortless sale. For helpful tips on managing viewings post-COVID, take a look at our blog.


4. Get a Home Report


A Home Report is a legal requirement for every seller to obtain when marketing their property for sale. Conducted by an independent Chartered Surveyor, the Home Report consists of four separate records, including:


  • The Single Survey — a report on the general condition of your home, rating each component from the walls to the roof, windows, gutters, floors and more. 
  • The Energy Report — considers how energy efficient the property is and estimates its annual energy costs.  
  • The Mortgage Valuation Certificate — provides the bank or building society a summary of the information gathered in the Single Survey for mortgage lending purposes. 
  • The Property Questionnaire — is completed by the seller and provides information on the property, from the council tax band to parking facilities, planning permission and any liabilities. Essentially, it contains any information the new owner should be aware of.


5. Conduct Property Viewings


With all your documentation in place, you can now conduct property viewings and get potential buyers into your home physically or virtually. 


Be prepared to answer questions about your property and the area. If you don’t have the answers to hand, spend some time researching the local amenities, such as schools, transport and the nearest shops and green spaces. Be sure to focus on the positive aspects of your home and neighbourhood, but always be honest. 


We know you have enough on your plate when selling your home. That’s why, at Beveridge, Philp & Ross, we’ll arrange viewings on your behalf and guide you through the whole process for a stress-free experience.


6. Accept, Decline or Negotiate Any Offers


Potential buyers who like your property can submit an offer of interest through their solicitor. If your property receives one or more notes of interest, you can set a closing date, which requires all offers to be submitted beforehand. However, there’s no legal requirement to do this.


7. Conclude the Missives


Once you have accepted an offer for your property (congrats!), your solicitor or selling agent will then conclude the missives, a binding contract between buyer and seller which prohibits either from withdrawing from the sale without penalties. Once the new title deeds have been drawn up and the transfer of funds is complete your house is officially sold!


Discover the Simple Way to Sell Your Home with Beveridge Philp & Ross


If you’re ready to take the first step to selling your property, book a free Home Valuation today. Our expert team of professional solicitors and estate agents are standing by to guide you through the entire selling process from start to finish.


Looking for your next dream home, too? Explore our properties for sale — from selling your existing property to buying and moving into your brand new home, our experienced team can support your entire journey. Discover a simpler way to move with BP&R.


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