Energy-Efficient Homes: 5 Improvements You Can Make Today

Energy-Efficient Homes: 5 Improvements You Can Make Today for a Greener Property Tomorrow

The climate crisis is a particularly hot button topic these days. It’s becoming increasingly impossible to ignore that climate change is happening — and fast, meaning everyone needs to do their bit, pull their sleeves up, and help reduce its impact in any way they can. Thankfully, for those of us wishing to decrease our carbon footprint, there are several ways we can positively impact our planet: walking or cycling to work, eating less meat and animal products and hopping on fewer long haul flights each year (to name a few). And, of course, by creating an energy-efficient home. 

Stick with us as we explore 5 energy-efficient home improvements you can make to your property today for a happier planet tomorrow. We’ll also mention one of the government-backed grants available to help you go green without spending too much green of your own.

What is an Energy Efficient Home?

An energy-efficient home uses as little energy as possible while retaining as much heat as it can (without taking its toll on the environment). As a result, a greener, energy-efficient home can reduce unnecessary energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to provide healthier conditions that don’t cost the earth (the planet or your purse!).

Energy-efficient home improvements centre around 3 basic tenants: insulation, air quality and the ability to retain and diffuse heat as necessary.

What Are the Benefits of an Energy Efficient Home?

Aside from the obvious (protecting the planet, of course), there are a number of reasons why you’ll want to start making energy-efficient home improvements to your property stat.

  • Increase the Value of Your Property — As energy-efficient housing becomes a more significant part of property design in the coming years, trend-setting homeowners with energy-efficient houses will see substantial returns on their investments when they come to sell. Interested in knowing how much your home is worth? Book your free valuation with us.
  • Reduce Your Utility Bills — Did you know that the average UK household spends around £1,254 on their utility bills? Energy Efficient households can enjoy dramatically reduced bills (more money for holidays in the sun if you ask us).
  • Cheaper Home Insurance — Many people don’t know that the more energy efficient their home is, the cheaper it is to insure. Getting a better rate and premium is one of the many hidden advantages of having an environmentally friendlier home.
  • The Green Deal — Going green can be expensive, even if it does save you money in the long run. Fortunately, there are some UK Gov-backed schemes and grants available to help cover the costs of energy-efficient home improvements. You can learn more about The Green Deal here. For alternative sources of funding available in Scotland, click here

Energy-Efficient Home Improvements You Can Make Today

So, without further ado, let’s explore the energy-efficient home improvements you can make to your property today, guaranteed to save you money, increase the value of your home and care for our precious planet.

Install Double Glazing

Adding double glazing to your home is perhaps one of the simplest and instantly rewarding home improvements you can do to energy-proof your home. Insulated windows help trap heat inside, meaning even the most drafty room can transform into a comfortable suntrap — perfect for Sunday afternoons curled up with a book. Moreover, installing double glazing could save you £75 per year and 330kg of carbon dioxide. Tempting, right?

Insulate Your Roof

Did you know that the majority of the heat in your home escapes through the roof? Thankfully, of all the energy-efficient home improvements on this list, roof insulation may be one of the cheapest options. Not only that, roof insulation could save you as much as £750 on your energy bills in just 5 years (as well as 610kg of carbon), making it an excellent investment.

Upgrade Your Boiler

Inefficient boilers are one of the biggest energy eaters in our homes. They’re also the source of our expensive bills (accounting for 55% of our energy bills!). Nowadays, boilers are far more energy-efficient. So, if you haven’t upgraded your boiler in the last 10 years, it may be time to consider replacing it. A newer model could help save you up to £205 extra a year. 

Install Solar Panels

Installing solar panels in your home can be expensive. However, they can also be one of the most effective energy-efficient home improvements available in the long run. Larger solar panel systems can generate as much as 4kWp — enough to meet the energy needs of a family of 3 – 4 people. Thankfully, they’re also considerably cheaper nowadays, with government-backed grants like The Green Deal available to help cover some of the costs.

Switch to a Greener Energy Plan

One of the easiest ways to cut down your energy bills is to switch to a green energy provider. Thankfully, many UK companies now offer energy plans using 100% renewable energy. With the right provider, not only can you significantly lower your bills, but you’ll also be burning far fewer fossil fuels — a win-win for both you and the planet. 

Go Green to Save Green

Installing and upgrading some energy-efficient home improvements is undoubtedly a pricey investment, but one that could save you some serious cash in the long run, as well as significantly increase the value of your home. So, consider doing your bit to help the environment by choosing just one of these energy-efficient improvements and committing to making the change today. The planet, and your wallet, will thank you.

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